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Great News, Our APP Has Landed By Meltdown
Sunday 2nd August 19:11

[[center][b][size=5]To Download The CriminalEmpires App Please follow these steps[/b][/size] [img][/img] [img][/img] [/center] ]


Welcome back By Meltdown
Wednesday 29th July 21:05

[Hi all , the first thing I’ll say is sorry , sorry for the fact as you may have realised by having to re-register , there was a reset , somthing that was entirely out of my hands , for some reason our host servers went down and took all our database with it , I’ve since moved servers and upgraded to a https - or ssl certificate , meaning pages are secured and so are your details . Meaning this should never happen again , everyone who messages meltdown saying returning 2020 will receive 75p return reward Thanks for your support CE Team Meltdown]

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